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Writing Tracker

Posted by on Dec 16, 2023

So, I made a thing. I’ve been searching high and low for an easy way to track my writing, but I didn’t want to really pay for an app or someone’s spreadsheet template, because I’m a poor. I know, we thought poors were mythincal beings of a bygone era, but it turns out, they made a resurgence recently. So anyway, I cobbled together a spreadsheet of my own, and if you want to use it for your own writing, here it is: http://pissingon.eu/Writing%20Tracker%20Latest.ods

It’s a Libre Calc file, because, again, I’m a poor and the very last thing I have money for is to rent software that does the exact same stuff as the free tools I’m using. I’m sure if you use Excel or something else, there’s a converter.

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