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Are all your stories based on real encounters?

I’ll leave it up to you and your imagination to figure that out for yourself.


I love your stories. Will you upload sexy pictures of yourself?

Well, I’m glad you like them, but no matter of how much you like them, I will never post pictures of myself, neither in public, nor in private. There’s too much abuse being done with them and I’m a very private person, so that concerns me.


Can I send you a picture of my dick as a sign of appreciation?

While I’m assuming you mean well, I think you should know from reading my stories that I’m not too interested in dicks. So thanks, but no thanks.


Will you write a story for me?

Two words: No. I’ll only write about things that make me hot, and doing custom work isn’t among them. Likewise, I will not do ghostwriting, translations or proof reading, though. Life’s too short for that.


I’m an aspiring writer. Will you take a look at my story and tell me what you think?

Hell no. I’m not equipped to review anyone’s story and I usually don’t. If there’s any advice I can give you then it’s: Do not, ever, under any circumstances, listen to anyone’s critique. Your stories are your own, and if they work for you, then that’s all they need to do. If you can cum from your own writing, then it’s all good. If not, just start over again. You’ll write a lot of sucky stories at the beginning, just as you bake a lot of cakes that suck when you start baking, or suck in bed when you start having sex… Maybe that didn’t come across right, but you get the idea. The most important lesson for a writer, or any artist, is: Everyone’s a critic. And their critique is shit. Don’t listen to them.


I was just wondering, where do you find the time and inspiration to write? I thought i had a good start with my writing but now I’m kind of in a writers block.

The first rule of writer’s block is: Do not think about writer’s block. Seriously, it’s like forgetting the name of a friend or something – it’s right on the tip of your tongue, but as long as you keep wrecking your mind about it, you’ll never get past. Instead, just treat it like a little vacation.

I keep getting from periods of creativity to periods of utter laziness; it’s about a 6 month swing in either direction. And the thing I’ve learned is not to worry – it’ll come back one way or another, and then I’ll write like there’s no tomorrow. I’m trying to stretch out everything I’ve produced in the productive months to bridge the months of inactivity, but that only works so-so, since I don’t even care to post anything when I’m feeling lazy.

Of course, sometimes you can run into a dead end on a story, and we call that writer’s block as well, though it’s more like a roadblock. I’ve got an easier time because most of my stories are quite short and self-contained, so the whole thing is pretty much laid out and I just need to sit down and write it. However, even with longer stories I’ve found the best way to write is to essentially treat it like a road movie: The main character has a destination. How does she get there? Who does she meet along the way? What landmarks does she pass? What may possibly happen on those landmarks? Who are her enemies? What are her strenghts? What are her weaknesses? That alone might get you some ideas on how to proceed with the story.


What sites have you used? What are soe pros and cons of different sites? What features do different sites offer? What are some pitfalls to avoid?

Okay, here’s what I’ve learned:

I used ASSTR for my main site, because they’re the most liberal and the only ones that allowed me to post any and all of my stories, no matter what the content. Also, they essentially give free webspace for writers so you can make your own website there (seems it’s html only, though). The feedback there is… mixed. First off, they don’t have a comments system (unless you implement your own), so feedback is limited to email only. They also don’t have ratings or any other way to sort stories other than alphabetically and by latest posted, so the most exposure you get is whenever you post something new. There is not a lot of feedback – sometimes none at all for months, then a few emails per week – but it’s definitely the most interesting feedback I got. People writing lengthy praises or asking for an inclusion in their stories; ASSTR is pretty much the only site I get that kind of request.

Then, I published on sexstories.com. I got a lot more reads there than on any other site (three of my stories were among the most read ones with more than 4 million reads just for those alone). They sort by rating (simple percentage of good vs. bad votes) and I got (relatively) many comments too. The rate is about 1 vote per 100 reads and 1 comment per 1000 reads. If you have a following, it’ll be more.

The downsite is that it’s troll infested. Anons will downvote your stuff viciously for no reason at all and you’ll get some completely inane, vile and insulting comments; moderation is virtually non-existent. I’ve been stalked, harassed and hated on there more than anywhere else (despite, or maybe because of my stories being wildly popular for a reason).

The site also has a forum attached to it which is much better moderated and can provide some constructive criticism, but nowhere near the amount of readers and exposure of the stories site.

Next up is literotica. I’ve been posting all of my stories there that didn’t break the rules (which pretty much just excludes bestiality and celebrity porn for me, but your mileage may vary). I don’t really like the site, but can’t point my finger at why exactly. It just seems disorganized, there’s no clear sorting of stories, the ratings only seem to matter for the top 10 of each category, who get all of the exposure, everything else fades into oblivion very quickly. I got a lot less comments there, more like 1 comment per 10.000 reads and 1 vote per 1000, and the comments are pretty much the same mixed bag as they are on sexstories.com. Lots of one-liners, but seemingly not a lot of trolls.

I say seemingly because lit also has a forum attached to it and the one time I actually posted something there (looking for some input on a storie’s setting) I got jumped on immediately and trolled from all sides. So, as far as that’s concerned, it seems like their forums are the troll pit.

As far as deleting anything you’ve posted on literotica, it’s kinda involved. There is no “delete” or even “edit” function for stories that are already posted, so you’ll need to write to the administration there with your request, hoping that they’ll honour it.

Then, storiesonline – Pretty much the nicest site I’ve seen so far. Not a lot of readers there, and no comment system or anything. They have a weird ass scoring system that pretty much assures that you’ll stay in the middle ground unless you write something that people will give 10 points to just because they agree with the topic and not the style or content. Which is why the highest scoring stories there are all hero tales of some veteran soldier or another.

But the feedback is mostly nice, dunno why. People keep emailing me nice stuff, which I like, and I tend to include and answer on my blog there, which is also a nice feature. So, despite the limited readership, it’s a friendly site. Also, though they don’t give you an easy option to delete your stuff, they react promptly and friendly when you ask them to do so for you.

For a while I’ve been publishing on lushstories as well, but that turned out to be incredibly tedious. Their policies are pretty much the most restrictive I’ve seen on any porn site, literally half of the stories I’ve submitted got rejected for one reason or another. Once, a story got sent back because it had a scene where the panties got cut with a scissor and they considered that “knife play” which was against the rules. Other times, they didn’t like formatting or spelling, even though the very same story had no problem getting approved on literotica (which has the same formatting and spelling rules). So, I finally gave up frustrated.

The feedback there was pretty nice, but irrelevant; I never got more than one-liner comments and a few votes. Definitely the site with the least reads and votes on all of them, so I wouldn’t bother.

I’ve tried posting on Tumblr, twice, and got banned from there after a few weeks without any explanation, so my guess would be that, despite the ridiculous amount of porn pictures on Tumblr, they don’t take too well on written porn. Something to stay away from

Likewise, XHamster has some stories attached to it, but it also kept deleting my stories, again without explanation. Don’t know what was up there, so it’s not recommended either.

I’ve heard good things about another site called adult-fanfiction.org but haven’t personally tried it yet. Mainly because it looks very byzantine and disorganized and difficult to use, both for readers and writers. They’re supposedly pretty liberal as far as restrictions and rules go, so if you’re writing in the ever-popular teenage/underage/incest category, you might want to give it a try.


did you write “the caller”

Yes, under a different pen name. It’s still ongoing and can be found here: http://thecaller.eu/


Where are these awesome drawings from?

They’re done by Nick, who’s not just an incredibly talented artist but also a wonderful person overall.


Why are some books not available from certain stores?

Every store has its own policies regarding content or cover, and when a book isn’t available in a specific store then it didn’t meet that vendor’s requirements for decency, which happens quite often in my line of writing.


Then which stores have the complete collection of your books?

The most complete selection can be found on Smashwords (since they’re the ones with the most lenient requirements). Incidentally, it’s also the store I use to send out coupons and goodies for my fans, so if you’re really into my stories, you should definitely check them out. Aside from that, Amazon & Google are the places that carry pretty much everything I wrote, aside from special taboo subjects (i.e. incest & bestiality).

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