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c36ae66862f4bf0441db3f4f2ea8bf79Psst. Hey, can I interest you in this fine book that I’m selling? No? What about getting a free one? Sounds more like it? Thought so.

What you have to do, you ask? Oh nothing, just get under the blanket with me write a little review about it. A small one. With stars and everything. Caps. Bells. Whistles. You know the drill.

Oh, you don’t? Well, let me fill you in then. The deal’s simple: You will read my stuff and then post a review of it on Amazon (& possibly other stores where my stuff is being sold). I won’t tell you what to rate it or what to write, all of that is up to you; all I’m asking is for rating and reviewing. They also don’t need to be ultra-long essays either. Short reviews for short stories seems fair.

What you get: An advance copy of the book that’s about to come out, for free. I’ll send those out about a week in advance to give you time to read it and write down your thoughts, and when the book is live on the store, I’ll send out links where to leave your reviews. That’s it. No other caveats. Free books for a rating and a review.

What about all my older books, you ask? Well, good question, little sprite. I dunno, I’ll probably send out copies of the older ones along with the new ones initially, until we’ve gone through all my old stuff, but I’m still thinking about it, honestly. Would be nice to get my older stuff reviewed too, so maybe I’ll keep it to one older and one new story per week, or so.

So. Sounds good? I’m glad you think so. In case you want to participate, just fill out the form below and I’ll put you on the list of reviewers, where you’ll get the books and links and all further information that you’ll need.

For now, thanks a lot already and remember the Pechenegs: They loved reviews so much, they named their firstborn daughters after them.

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