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Kathrin Pissinger

Kink explorer and sex story author deluxe

I’m a deluxe porn story author and fine smut peddler, and whenever I’m not masturbating, I’m probably writing. Or both. For some mysterious reason, my main interest is in erotica, so that’s what I’ll stick to. One cannot chose one’s muses, after all. (But one can always make love to them…)

So far, I’ve already written over 100 stories with millions of readers and they are published on every major ebook store, and dozens minor ones. Currently I’m working on several more books, some of which are compilations of my short stories while others are your regular erotic novel, published in parts.

My stories have been translated in several languages and audiobooks of the most popular ones are in the works, about which I am particularly excited.

Almost all my stories are lesbian erotica, with an occasional bi-sexual story whenever I feel like it. There’s a heavy emphasis on urine play, fisting and anal sex, as these are my main kinks.

I’m dominant, but not sadistic or cruel, so there will be a lot of degradation, humiliation and abuse, but not a lot of bondage, pain or spanking. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Finally, most of my stories feature middle-aged, “normal” women, many of which don’t fit western “beauty standards” as featured in mainstream porn. I love women of all shapes, sizes and types


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