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Piss Whores In Training (Collector’s Edition)

Posted by on Aug 26, 2015


This anthology contains 5 different stories with an emphasis on wet water sports, which previously appeared in these books:
– Sabrina’s Birthday
– Taking Karissa For A Stroll
– Shaing Dani With My Boyfriend
– Auditioning Helga

Sometimes, when you’re a dominant lesbian with a distinctively kinky side, you’ll meet girls that absolutely love to be used, abused and taken advantage of. Now, most women have a submissive side, so it’s not hard to find a lover who likes to get told what to do, but it takes a special kind of girl to devote herself and her body so entirely to you that she would let you use her, abuse her, do every depraved thing you tell her to willingly and eagerly and still ask for more, beg for more, while already soaked in body fluids from head to toe with every orifice raw and sore. This book is about these special ones.

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