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The Cumming Year – 2024

Posted by on Dec 31, 2023

Another Orgasmic New Year

It has been far too long that I got together with my girlfriend for a slutty and slippery slide into the New Year, but this time, she has planned something special: A very special maid, providing very special room service, just for me. Or wait: Make that two maids, who both can’t get enough of our sputtering holes, drenching them in everything that’s wet and wonderful until they’re plugged with a fist. How did I manage to talk about my book in between all that? Well, you should read and see!

After all, it has been… what, years? Hoo boy, a long time in any case, since I published my last book, and if you’re at all curious what I’ve been up to and what my plans are for the next year, this is the place to find out. And hey, what better way to find out than in between layers and layers of smut, right?

Caution: Contains orgiastic lesbian sex, fisting, urination and quite a quite a bit of anal, if I remember correctly. Which I may not, my memory got hazy after a point.

Why are some books not available in certain stores?

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