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The Collection 2016 uncensored

Posted by on Jan 24, 2017

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Full collection of all published titles from 2016

The ultimate edition for fans of Kathrin’s. All her titles published during the year 2016 collected in a super thick volume chock full of the coveted and tasty mixture of lesbian domination, hard treatment of all bodily orifices and the resulting frivolous handling of body fluids – in other words: Lesbians, fisting and watersports, in such varying scenarios as fantasy realms, ancient Egypt, Weimar Germany, boxing rings, banks, cubicles and futuristic societies.

WARNING: This special uncensored edition also contains some stories featuring bestiality and incest that were deemed too taboo for major book publishers and is only available here.

Kathrin’s stories regularly revolve around strong female characters which shamelessly live out their same-sex proclivities, showing a special penchant for anal sex, hard and preferably double penetration, public submission and of course the heavenly taste of pussy. She doesn’t hold back and is on a verbal crusade against the all-encompassing spread of vanilla sex.

Contains all the stories from:
– Aurora
– Younger Mistress, Older Slave Book 1
– Archer’s Lane Case 1
– Lesbian Redhead Relatives
– Cloister Black Prologue

As well as chapters from:
– Hex
– as of yet, unnamed
– Patriots in Private
– Pharaohs in Private
– Younger Mistress, Older Slave Book 2
– Secret Desires, Public Confessions
– Fist of the Fighting Chick
– for the love of Ultraviolet
– her eyes have eyes
– Professionals in Private
– Sucking Honey

And the special “The Cumming Year”.

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