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Posted by on Aug 9, 2016

Alright. This is probably just me bragging, but fuck it, I’m just so damn proud that I have to share this. So here’s what happened: I finally sat down and figured out how to make print books, and as a result, several of my collections are now available on paper. I did this primarily because I wanted to donate them to prison libraries, which are possibly the only places in the world where printed erotica are still in demand. Of course, there’s also some vanity involved, since seeing your books in print is still something special. Not that I could prominently display them in the living room, mind you…

So anyway, I’ve done that, and ordered myself a proof copy of The Caller (which, as you should know, I wrote under a different pen name), just because it makes for a nice novel, I thought, and it finally arrived! I’m sooooo excited, even though it’s just a silly little book, it’s MY silly little book, and I can’t stop leafing through it. Check it!


The gloriously glorious cover!


Title Page


And the beginning! It even came out with the right fonts and everything! I’m soo happy. A small little issue is the cover, which is cropped a little too much at the top, and for future prints I need to take that into account. Otherwise, this was surprisingly easy and cheap to do, and I’ve since put up a few more books into print, but have yet to get them delivered to myself.

01-30_38.playHowever, I have reached out to a few charities that distribute books to prisoners, and sent them a couple of copies, which means they’re already well on their way to a few dozen lucky inmates, which makes me happy as well. Yeah, I’m a fan of Orange Is the New Black, so this is probably all just a romantic little pipe dream, but it’s one that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and so I’m following it. Which is probably the story of my life – “follow the fuzzy dream”. Could be worse, I guess.


Fuzzed, Kat

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