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Billionaire Celebrity Whores (Special Edition)

Posted by on Feb 6, 2016


This anthology contains four lesbian domination stories centered around whores and celebrities (including secret chapter). They’ve previously appeared in these books:
– How Whores Repay Favours
– Taking Celebrity Jane
– Blackmailing The Billionaire
– My Little Horsey

(Note, this collection includes a secret fourth chapter which was deemed to be too taboo for most retailers, and therefor is only available at a select few.)

Yeah. Welcome. Have a seat. Take a cookie. Take two, you’ll need them.

So here’s what happened: My partner Elena is a fond purveyor of romance novels, which is a lie and I just wrote that to use the word “purveyor” in a book. She’s really not too much into them. Neither am I. So imagine our surprise when we read – quite by accident, I might add – that the latest fad in romance novellery is “billionaires”.

The billionaire, it turns out, has become what used to be the royalty in your mom’s romance novels. Duke Hugglesborough, the 14th in the line of the Hugglesborough dynasty, has been replaced by Mark Sandwich, CEO of Sandwich Enterprises, a man of his own making, whose fortune resides firmly on a pile of soft bread and condiments.

How the times have changed! Capitalism penetrates everything, even romance novels…

Speaking of penetration: We both thought this was hilarious, so I made a bet to find a way to include “Billionaire” in one of my book titles. I’ll be damned if I can’t jump on any bandwagon I fucking well wish! Hence this book, which is filled with glorious fuckery of celebrities – possibly billionaire ones, why not? – in every imaginable, degrading, nasty, dirty and downright humiliating way.

I really don’t like rich people.

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