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My Lesbian Slave Martina (Special Edition)

Posted by on Feb 6, 2016


This anthology contains all four parts of My Lesbian Slave Martina, with 6 chapters in total. (Note, this collection includes a secret sixth chapter which was deemed to be too taboo for most retailers, and therefor is only available at a select few.)

I keep visiting lots of online forums and chatrooms related to sex and lesbians, to meet like-minded people and find out more about myself. There, I met Martina. She’s 9 years older than me and bored in her marriage, so while looking for a new rush she tried to find out how it would be with a woman.

Some day we wanted to meet in person. We live about 200 km apart, it was summer and we were both curious. So we set up a date, a small town, about halfway between both of our homes. From there on out, things got incredibly hot, wet and hard between us.

“Daring, bold and written so well I drooled as I read it. Terrific.” – Lush


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