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Lesbian Redhead Relatives

Posted by on Oct 23, 2016


A Lesbian Redhead Family Love Affair

This collected edition contains 5 extremely taboo stories about a naughty redheaded family and their lesbian adventures, previously released as:

– My Younger Sister and the Stolen Dildo

My sister Judit gets on my nerves like only sisters can, so it’s only fair that I reciprocate it by playing occasional pranks on her, like bursting into her room, while she’s “busy” playing with herself. But what was it that she hastily hid underneath her bed? And where did she get it from? And, more importantly, how would it feel inside of me, or her, or both of us?

– Our Mother and the Strapon Threesome

Getting caught in the act had another surprise for me in store, as she settled our “dispute” with a generous offering of sex toys for each of us. Having never handled a strapon before, I followed mom’s instructions, which she seemed to enjoy just as much as I did. Before I knew it, the strapon was already testing out my sister’s tender pussy, but only when I finally switched it to our mother did it get used thoroughly.

– My Cousin and her Stallion Boyfriend

Playing “spin the bottle” on a sleepover with my cousin Caroline revealed a few naughty secrets about her and her stallion Sprinter. Curious as I am, I went on to investigate further, until we found ourselves between the legs of the large horse, with only our animalistic pleasures in mind.

– My Niece and her Horny Asshole

On a family gathering, I became introduced to my distant niece Kathrin, who turned out to be a girl after my own heart. Spilling my drink “accidentally” on her cleavage gave me an opportunity to start licking, which soon had us both wet and hot all over. But having my pussy sucked in the crowd was just the beginning of our sexual adventures, which became more depraved and dirty the more the evening went on, and we wouldn’t stop until we had all our holes stuffed while soaked in each other’s urine.

– My Indian Neighbour and her Bratty Offspring

Watching the bratty neighbours, I decide to get over there and teach them some respect for their mother, while at the same time giving the poor woman some relief in the form of a good pussy lick from her daughter, whose ass is ripe for a hard treatment.

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